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Christine Click

PhD Student, University of Texas Medical Branch
Master of Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida

Officially counting down the days til UTMB! WoW so much to do on so many levels...

1. Shopping! Oh yes, for me, the kid off to college... Phew!

2. Training the new lab techs, who knew I really do so much?

3. Rest, prep and say goodbye... 



map New World Mammarenaviruses.png

Rational Prophylactic Design in Response to New World Mammarenaviruses

Literature Review
Read Time: 50 min

Initially written for the University of Florida, this literature review details the significance and applicability of a rational approach to preventive medicine when targeting New World Mammarenaviruses. Topics addressed include functional, structural and ecological research alongside the current status of detection strategies and treatment options while additionally touching on recent case studies and the gaps in surveillance data.


Reverse Methanogenesis

Video Presentation
Watch Time: 7 min

WOW!!! Your presentation was amazing… I am so amazed at your creative approach- many students in the class wrote in their evaluations how you made the topic fun and understandable!

Dr. Julie Maupin-Furlow, Ph.D.
The University of Florida

Rational design of universal immunotherapy

Read Time: 5 min

Great thoughts. You should maybe write your own blogs- you have a talent for this.

Dr. Mariola Edelmann, Ph.D.
The University of Florida

The Search for YopX Function Yersinia spp

Experimental design paper

Topic: Design a study that could confirm a role for the protein of interest in eukaryotic cells.

This paper discusses what is known about how a molecule that is expressed by Yersinia can traffic to the hosts mitochondrion, describes an experiment to confirm YopX localizes in the mitochondrion, and provides insight on the function of the protein as well as pitfalls.

Read Time: 7 min

Innovative approach to AMR

Read Time: 2 min

What a great idea! I have not heard about salves before. Making such hand moisturizers with antimicrobial properties sounds quite innovative- also sounds like an idea for a startup. 

Dr. Daniel Czyz, Ph.D. 
The University of Florida

Machupo Virus

Video Presentation
Watch Time: 13 min

Wow, excellent presentation what a simultaneously interesting and horrifying virus! The production quality was off the charts. I felt like I was watching a Netflix special. 

Johnathan Rodriquez 
The University of Florida

The PGRS Domain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Slideshow Presentation
Read Time: 15 min

This presentation discusses the functional significance of the PGRS domain of Rv0297 -  the disruption of  intracellular calcium homeostasis leads to ER stress-mediated cell death.


Metabolic complexity of CodY

Summary Paper

I'm Speechless. It was simple but also an immense pleasure to read you. Your writing style on top of the information delivered convinced me that I was reading more than a simple report. Thanks for such a refreshing piece of work. 

Read Time: 4 min
Dr. Claudio Gonzalez, Ph.D. 
The University of Florida

An alternative application of the Zig-zag-model


Topic: The arms race between bacterial pathogens and host.

This review considers virulence factors and mechanisms of bacterial pathogens and host immune response.


Read Time: 3 min



Master of Science 2022

  • Bioinformatics

  • Molecular biology of gene expression

  • Advanced topics in cell biology

  • Microbiology of human pathogens

  • Infectious disease

  • Advanced virology

  • Microbial metabolism and energetics

  • Antimicrobial resistance

  • Gene and immunotherapy

  • Microbial/host defense

  • Metabolic regulation

  • Mammalian molecular biology and genetics

  • Prokaryotic transcriptional regulation

  • Comparative microbial genomics

University_of_Texas Arlington_logo.png

Bachelor of Science 2012

  • Scientific and Technical writing

  • Biological statistics

  • Immunobiology

  • Biochemistry

  • Cell physiology

  • Advanced topics in chemistry

  • Evolution and ecology

  • Virology

  • Genetics

  • Microbiology

  • Statistics


University of Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Constructing unbiased conclusions 

Certificate of Forensic Science  2019

  • Presenting accurate data understandably 

  • Understanding the limitations of forensic science 



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